##crawl Announcement Colorizer for Irssi

The announcement bots on ##crawl clutter the channel with numerous messages about events in games in progress. To address this problem, I have written script for irssi IRC client with following features:

Installing and using

To use this script, download it (link below) and put it into .irssi/scripts/ and execute from irssi with /run crawl-botmsg.pl. Alternatively, you can autoload the script at irssi startup by putting it into .irssi/scripts/autorun/ directory.

After you have started the script, you should see that bot announcement messages are being colorized on ##crawl. If you want separate window for the announcement, use /window new to create it. Then switch to it and name it as crawl-announce, like this: /window name crawl-announce. If you want to stop the script, issue /script unload crawl-botmsg.pl.


crawl-botmsg.pl (last updated on 2014-02-21)


The author can be contacted on ##crawl at FreeNode IRC network.